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Corona RE
Monday, November 19, 2007
Corona Remote Entry provides a simple check register application for the iPhone or iPod touch.

Corona RE is a PHP-driven web application that works with MySQL server databases. Export files of the MySQL check register table conveniently import into Corona accounting software.

Corona Remote Entry is included in the Corona accounting software package (12.6MB) as an example of how internet web technologies may be used with Corona's import and export features.

Originally introduced in 2001, Corona has been upgraded regularly to become a full general ledger accounting tool, yet still retains its "simple check register" appeal and price. Corona features "drag and drop" accounting, on-the-fly account creation, and one-click reconcilement.

Visit the Corona web pages to learn more about Corona's features and support.
Corona is a universal binary application software, built for use on Intel or PowerPC Macintoshes.

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