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Monday, October 28, 2013
Corona 3.9.3 improves sales tax handling when invoicing from folios, and corrects an issue when opening Corona's original address book. This release tested successfully with Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks).

Visit the Corona web pages to learn more about Corona's features and support.
Download for Mac OS X: Corona 3.9.3 (22.6 MB)
Note: PowerPC support versions are listed at US Versions.

Originally introduced in 2001, Corona has been upgraded regularly to become a full general ledger accounting tool, yet still retains its "simple check register" appeal and price. Corona features "drag and drop" accounting, on-the-fly account creation, and one-click reconcilement. Corona is feature-laden with drag 'n drop transaction entry, autocompletion, price list, import and export, access with the OS address book, and more. In addition to check printing, Corona has recently introduced greater speed improvement using an SQL database file format, and a new folios journal for creating sales and work estimates or services that span across many days.

Corona is built for use on Intel processor Macintoshes.

Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Corona 3.9.3 -improved sales tax handling when invoicing from folios.

Corona 3.9.2 -code-signed for Apple Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8)

Corona 3.9.1 -implemented support for multiple sales taxes and rates

Corona 3.9 -improved drag & drop between Descriptions, Unpaid Bills and Check Printing

Corona 3.8 -additional improvements to payroll, purchaes and cash sales & receipts

Corona 3.7 -updated payroll and tax tables for 2011

Corona 3.6 -payroll recognizes family exemptions and additional elected tax withholding

Corona 3.5 -line-item job references for purchases, pre-tax payroll deductions

Corona 3.4 -updated payroll for 2010 changes of federal income tax brackets

Corona 3.3 -implemented file-specific, password encrypted security

Corona 3.2 -implemented check and paycheck printing

Corona 3.1 -introduced folios

Corona 3.0 -file format changed to SQL database, updated UI, volume by customer/vendor

Corona 2.9 -monthly totals report, prior year reporting, ledger-paper style queries

Corona 2.8 -autocompletion for description, account and title entry fields

Corona 2.7 -updated item entry, inventory, payroll advices, address book and QIF import

Corona 2.6 -improved SQL import, Corona RE, data ranges, updated for Leopard

Corona 2.5 -added unpaid bills file and SQL format to import/export features

Corona 2.4 -implemented a copy command for reports and queries, added a Window menu

Corona 2.3 -implemented a preferences option for transaction coloring

Corona 2.2.1 -fixes an issue that prevented chart window from opening properly

Corona 2.2 -universal binary release, new preference to link to the MacOS Addressbook

Corona 2.1 -implemented lists for journals, descriptions and queries

Corona 2.0 -implemented purchases and payables, job referencing, and improved price list

Corona 1.9.9 -improved invoice discount calculation and year-end closing

Corona 1.9.4 -implemented accounting for sales tax, "drag and drop" for accounts and price list

Corona 1.9 -improved groups, preferences, year-end closing, dynamic budget

Corona 1.8 -updated for 2002 payroll

Corona 1.7 -introduced invoices, addresses index and letters

Corona 1.5 -introduced payroll and general entry

Corona 1.0 -cash-basis check register accounting

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