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Daktari 1.3


How to work with lotsa web pages.

Daktari brings a familiar metaphor to managing web site projects with unique features for editing web pages. As web site projects are added to Daktari's Library, all of the web pages and image files are listed in a Library List view. Double-clicking a web page in the Library List view opens the page into Daktari's Head and Body views for editing. While editing, the page may be saved and previewed by clicking Daktari's View icon.

In addition to organizing and quick access to the pages and images of web site projects, Daktari provides unique features for writing web pages, including Unicode support. Daktari is designed to allow copy to be pasted or entered into a new web page and subsequently select portions of the text for markup, choosing markup commands from Daktari's menus. Drop-down panels simplify creating CSS style definitions, images, and scripts. Daktari colors the web page code to make reading and recognizing the page's parts easier.

Another unique feature is Daktari's Parts drawer. As styles, functions and elements are created, each is listed in a view of the Parts drawer. These lists allow these parts to be quickly located in the web page by double-clicking on them in the Parts drawer. The Parts drawer also may store selections of text from web pages as clips that may be reused in other web pages. The Parts drawer also displays the images of the web page's project, allowing them to be inserted by double-clicking them.

Daktari is a universal binary application software, built for use on Intel or PowerPC Macintoshes.
Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.